How to Check My Ehsaas Program?

Ehsaas program is a government-owned project initiated to help does in need. All citizens can easily register for it and check their payment status. This program generally focuses on the public with less or no monthly income. However, there is more to eligibility than less income.

Once you become a part of the Ehsaas program, the question is how to check the Ehsaas program status. Well, you have landed on the correct page. This article covered how to check Ehsaas program status and other relevant details.

Before moving on, all users should know that the beneficiaries should be identified by Ehsaas NADRA household survey and registration center via SMS or the web portal. All districts have their registration centers.

About Ehsaas Program:

The government of Imran Khan in Pakistan initiated the Ehsaas program. Generally, this program targeted the lower income class, earning less than 25000 to no income. However, the program also facilitates students with dreams and eligibility to achieve higher education, women with no income, older citizens, widows, and orphans.

Many programs, like the Ehsaas program, were initiated, e.g., Ehsaas Kafalat and Ehsaas Emergency Cash for all homeless citizens.

Now this program is run by Shazia Jannat Marri, federal minister of BISP and PASS and member of the National Assembly.

How to check the Ehsaas Program:

Now people are allowed to check their Ehsaas program status online. All the records are available for online access. There are two ways to check your Ehsaas program status:

  • Web portal: to check the status, go to 8171 web portal and write your CNIC number in the box along with your phone number.
  • SMS: to check your status via SMS, send the CNIC details to 8171, and after a few minutes, you will receive your eligibility details

All Ehsaas program status is checked the same way.

To check the status of the Ehsaas program, the user should be registered.


To get registered:

  • Go to Ehsaas official page
  • Click on status
  • An application form will be provided; fill it with the required information.
  • The application process will be displayed on the screen; if rejected, the reason will also be displayed on your screen.

For checking registration person should send an SMS containing their CNIC number at 8171, and they will be informed within a few minutes.

However, before registration, you should know what the Ehsaas program offers.

Ehsaas program includes:

  • Ehsaas Kafalat Program: Khafalat program is initiated to benefit women only. The beneficiary is given 2000RS cash or monthly transfer so that this woman can register online.
  • Ehsaas Amdan Program: This program offers 25000 for unemployed citizens. It gives more than just money but also includes assets that can help to start a small business, at least strong enough to provide for oneself and family. These assets include livestock, goats, buffalo, and cow or agricultural help; registration checks can be done online and via SMS.

It is initiated in 23 districts and 375 union councils.

  • Wazir-E-Azam Relief Package: this package was added by PM Shahbaz Sharif to distribute atta, ghee, and cheeni. This package offered a special discount on three of these utilities. For this, beneficiaries must SMS at 5566 with their CNIC number to show to the cashier.
  • Ehsaas Nashonuma Program: This program is solely for children with malnutrition and new mothers. Food is distributed among such people.
  • Ehsaas Loan program:  this program offers loans to students from 20000 to 75000RS—this program is by NPGI (National Poverty Graduation Initiative) to students for 4 years.
  • Ehsaas Scholarship for students: Ehsaas undergraduate program offers scholarships to students above 18 and are registered VIA CNIC. If the student is less than 18, they can apply through B-form. For this, students must visit the HEC website and look up scholarships.
  • Ehsaas Langar Program: this program is for the labor community who find it hard to afford food regularly.
  • Ehsaas Emergency Cash program:  this program provides emergency cash upto 14000
  • Ehsaas Koi bhooka nahi soya: This program is initiated in 7 cities,including Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Gujranwala. Up to 40 food trucks roam around the city distributing free food.
  • Ehsaas Panahgah Program: This program is also for the labor community seeking shelter. 25 Panahgah is currently providing a local area for labor to rest in.
  • Ehsaas Disable person: this program is directed at disabled people only and provides them with subsidized facilities.
  • Ehsaas tahafuz program is for people facing intense accidents who can’t afford the treatments.
  • Dar-ul-Pass Ehsaas Program: this program is for orphans. It started with the help of Roshni homes trust. It provides orphans food, medical treatments, boarding, lodging, and education.
  • Ehsaas Student Program: this program is for children aged 4 to 22, providing different scholarships.
  • Ehsaas Rashaan Program: This program provides 2000 Rs and a 40% discount to families on kitchen supplies.
  • Mazdoor Ka Ehsaas: This program is directed to the Mazdoor community. Giving them 14000 Rs to mazdoors who are employed for under 25000Rs wage.
  • Ehsaas Rehri Baan program: this program originated in Islamabad for training street hawkers and providing them with other sets of facilities.
  • WEC: providing woman education related to generating income.
  • Ehsaas Masawaat program: for citizens 18 to 40 years old. The beneficiary is given 3000 Rs to 2000Rs monthly.
  • Ehsaas BaHimmat Buzurg Program: for older citizens, minimum above 65 of age, get 2000 monthly.
  • Ehsaas Humqadam Program: provides beneficiaries with 200 Rs monthly. For this, the person should be registered.
  • Ehsaas Sila-e-fun program: provides unconditional cash to elderly citizens, 50 or above, up to 5000 RS monthly
  • Ehsaas Zewar-E-Taleem: provides 1000 Rs cash to female students provided 80% attendance. This program is only running in Rajanpur, Bahawalpur, Muzaffargarh, Chinniot, Vehari, Jhang, Kasur, Okara, Layyah, Lodhran, Bhakkar, Khanewal, Pakpattan, Bahawalnagar, Rahim Yar Khan, and DG Khan.
  • Ehsaas Nayee Zindagi program offers teaching and training to female victims of acid attacks. And help them recover physically and mentally.
  • Ehsaas Rashan Riayat program: provides 40% off on cooking items and other utilities.


PM Imran Khan started the Ehsaas program, but it is still under the current government. Its primary purpose is to support Pakistani citizens financially and help them step forward.

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